Window of Oppertunities

Pure webdesign with handwritten scripts, and easy to get adapted to the simplest web packages when preferred. That's me.

With a major in Interaction Design, I graduated in 2006 from the Mediacollege Amsterdam.

My interest in designing dates back to 1996 when I attended the Grafische (Graphics) School Haarlem for my love to draw. After four years, my interest shifted into the, then pretty new, 3D animation. Through that I got in contact with Webdesign.

Combined with the knowledge of previous educations and jobs, my creative process for making websites covers webdesign programs, graphics programs, typography, prepress, press, audio/video, sales, and understanding of both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Over the years I have learned to optimise websites for searchengines (SEO) like Google, and to make sites available and visually appealing on any browser, including the browsers from the popular tablets.

~Ferdy Verhagen
The Netherlands

What's up with the background?

The background shows screenshots of websites I have worked on. They are blurred out to not give them away too fast. The sharp images inbetween are decorative photos of my favorite season.